Preparation for a calm and empowered birth

Birth can be a positive and empowering experience and I love supporting mothers to make this a reality. Our bodies are perfectly designed to give birth and if we learn to relax and trust in this, then birth is usually a far smoother process. Hypnobirthing offers a simple, practical way to learn how to enter a deep state of relaxation ideal for birth, to release fears surrounding birth and to build our confidence in how well we're designed for this incredible process.


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a simple, practical and logical way of preparing for birth. 

It can help mothers to experience a more calm and comfortable birth, often with less need for pain relief and a shorter labour. 

It is relevant for any mother having any type of birth and the tools learnt are incredibly helpful in births requiring more medical help.

Hypnobirthing actively involves the birth partner or father and supports them to build confidence in their role at the birth.

I teach KG Hypnobirthing, a complete antenatal birth preparation program. The KG Teacher Training is the only Hypnobirthing course to be accredited by The Royal College of Midwives. 


Classes We Offer

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Hypnobirthing taster course

If you would like to meet in person or talk on the ohone before booking a full course I am always happy to offer this for free. 

Laura: 07951 681198

I will be launching a new regular taster session and pregnancy social soon.

Full Hypnobirthing course

I arrange dates to suit individuals so please get in touch and I will match you up with others expecting babies around the same time.

Taught as a small group so perfect for making friends to share the journey with.

  • The physiology of birth

  • How and why to relax during labour

  • Preparing your body for birth

  • Understanding your choices

  • Massage technique for labour

  • Achieving the birth right for you
    and your baby

£150 investment

Please contact me to book a place, or Laura on 07951 681198

Private 1-2-1 KG Hypnobirthing course

12 hours of teaching in the comfort of your own home (or mine if you prefer).

The full KGHypnobirthing course delivered in the comfort of your own home.

£200 investment for one-to-one course

£150 each for two pregnant friends

£100 each for 3 pregnant friends

Save money by arranging a shared private course with your friends, still in the comfort of your own home. This price includes birth partners.

Please contact me to book a place, or Laura on 07951 681198

Birth stories from hypnobirthing parents


We would like to say thank you so much, you're such a good teacher of hypnobirthing and we both found everything so interesting and informative, everything actually went in! We both feel so much more ready for labour and birth, and so informed about all our choices. I'm really looking forward to giving birth now, however that may be, and feel better about the 'what ifs' rather than frightened as feel I have the best techniques to deal with them.

We had been recommended hypnobirthing by lots of people, but your class exceeded our expectations and was worth every penny.

Hypnobirthing mum

About Me

I am so passionate about birth and making it a positive experience for expectant mothers. 

I love that hypnobirthing can work for anybody and in any setting, whether that's at home, in a hospital, for a planned caesarean or a more complicated pregnancy. You can still use pain relief if you want and benefit from the amazing support offered in midwifery care in the UK. We all take away what we need from it and I love to hear how empowered mothers can feel after giving birth - like a super woman who can do anything!

I first discovered hypnobirthing in 2014 when pregnant with my first daughter. I was incredibly nervous about childbirth and planned to have a hospital birth and accept any medical pain relief. I made a complete turnaround after attending my hypnobirthing course and actually felt excited about giving birth! I ended up having the most powerful and empowering experience and gave birth to Isla at home in a birth pool. Fast forward to 2017 and my second baby, I felt equally excited about meeting her. She was born in the birth pool at our local hospital and I returned home a few hours later feeling exhausted but utterly elated. Discovering hypnobirthing was the best thing that could have happened to me during my pregnancies and I love sharing it with others now. 

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