About Me

I am so passionate about birth and making it a positive experience for expectant mothers. 

I love that hypnobirthing can work for anybody and in any setting, whether that's at home, in a hospital, for a planned caesarean or a more complicated pregnancy. You can still use pain relief if you want and benefit from the amazing support offered in midwifery care in the UK. We all take away what we need from it and I love to hear how empowered mothers can feel after giving birth - like a super woman who can do anything!

I first discovered hypnobirthing in 2014 when pregnant with my first daughter. I was incredibly nervous about childbirth and planned to have a hospital birth and accept any medical pain relief. I made a complete turnaround after attending my hypnobirthing course and actually felt excited about giving birth! I ended up having the most powerful and empowering experience and gave birth to Isla at home in a birth pool. Fast forward to 2017 and my second baby, I felt equally excited about meeting her. She was born in the birth pool at our local hospital and I returned home a few hours later feeling exhausted but utterly elated. Discovering hypnobirthing was the best thing that could have happened to me during my pregnancies and I love sharing it with others now.