Birth stories from hypnobirthing parents

We would like to say thank you so much, you're such a good teacher of hypnobirthing and we both found everything so interesting and informative, everything actually went in! We both feel so much more ready for labour and birth, and so informed about all our choices. I'm really looking forward to giving birth now, however that may be, and feel better about the 'what ifs' rather than frightened as feel I have the best techniques to deal with them.

We had been recommended hypnobirthing by lots of people, but your class exceeded our expectations and was worth every penny.

Hypnobirthing mum

Doing a hypnobirthing course gave me so much more confidence in my ability to support her during birthing. I am still absolutely in awe every time I think back to both of our birthing experiences.

Hypnobirthing dad

I did it! I actually gave birth and enjoyed it. It was intense and powerful but I was so calm and so focussed. I didn't realise birth could be like that, nothing like what I've seen in films!

Hypnobirthing mum